“By your treatment, emotions and tensions came loose. Everything in my body now seems better to flow, instead of hardening in my body/heart. Because my partner was also present, our relationship came in motion. You made us connect again by your encouragements to reach out to each other. Through this whole process you were caring, supportive and loving towards me to guide me through it” .


“Yesterday, I received a large gift from a warm and loving woman. To me as a human being, as a woman, and as an arriving mother. By your session I could make contact with my own body and with my son with whom the contact was lost by all sorts of medical conditions. You were quiet and sweet. Thank you for the fact that I could trust you”.


“Daphne gave me the feeling that she has all the time in the world. The way she works, structured exactly from what she’s doing, gives room to express what is in my concern and she adjusts her pace exactly. The beauty is that Daphne better seems to feel what is going on in my body than I do. At the moment I am thinking: Ghee, I believe that there is a spot, Daphne mentioned this already. Just at the moment I had the feeling I was  able to relax in the discomfort of the IPT- treatment, she encourages me to do so. This session helped me trust more in what I feel and thereby to make more and deeper contact with my body. I can strongly recommend everyone a session with her!” .


Pregnancy course

By this pregnancy course, Daphne has given me clearity in what happens on a physical level and what is medically possible. But much more important for me, was the fact that she coulde give me confidence in my own body. The power that the body has. The body who understands what needs to be done and how the body and the mind can work together. Daphne turned out to be my midwife during my delivery. Because of the fact she could support us, it was a good and smooth delivery. She could put me in my strength, radiated with calm and confidence, what made that I thought: “I can, this will succeed, I feel safe and secure”. And so it happened”.


“By folllowing the birthing course with Daphne we much better knew what to expect. She prepared us for birth with medical information on what is happening at childbirth and practical tips how deal with contractions (the lower back massage worked really well!). Also she made us think about what we think is really important for us. And the important role of the man. What I really liked was that there was space for fears, Daphne could take them away piece by piece. Daphne’s quality is that you feel comfortable with all your fears and uncertainties. That for me is really the added value of this private course. I just wanted to give birth!”


“My partner  and I followed the pregnancy course and we received two Integral Pelvic Therapy- sessions with Daphne. We started the course with theoretical knowledge and learned about all the states of delivery. It was really nice to take the time to talk about this together and it gave me the feeling we are both ready for it. Not just me, but also my partner. He learned so much how to support me during labour and what to expect. It made me feel really secure.

After this followed the massage. I suffer from a hernia so I have a lot of pain in my back. Through the massage my muscles could finally relax, my nerves released tension and emotions started to run free. From this very relaxed state she started  the IPT- session. With proffession and precision she gently found triggerpoints I never knew existed. Sometimes it really hurts sometimes it didn’t , but Daphne told me how to breath the pain away and how to find a relaxed place in my mind. Afterwards it felt like I had a whole new space in me and it was open and relaxed and there certainly was room enough to put the baby through!

Daphne turned out to be also my midwife during delivery and thanks to her I had faith in my body and my partner. It was a very smooth delivery and my daughter was born in just 5 hours, at home”