Integral Pelvic Therapy® education







Why this training?


There ips a gap in healthcare roviders in providing help to women with women-related problems. We believe that IPT® can play a key role in closing this gap. It is a form of therapy that is not yet very well known. But, what we found out in the development of this treatment, it is super effective!

We have followed training courses here and there and had to dig a lot in the literature to gain knowledge. It had been so nice to find a thorough education to not have to figure everything out! Hence the idea to develop a training for doctors / obstetricians / body workers / birth assistants.

This training will official start in Oktober 2019. BUT…

In 2018 we will start a TEST- ROUND. The test- round is meant to learn what works and what not, were do we need to adjust and what is already good. The test round will be offered for half of the price of the official one.

INTERESTED? Read further!

What is Integral Pelvic Therapy®

Integral Pelvic Therapy® (IPT®) is a form of bodywork for women, with the aim of restoring balance in the pelvic area.

Many women experience various problems in their pelvic floor, like little to no contact with their sexuality, or the experience of numbness and/ or pain during intercourse.

Some women hold a lot of tension in their pelvic area, or have a weak pelvic floor without strength. Also women with chronic inflammations in their vaginal region, or women with a prolapse of the bladder and/or uterus.

Integral Pelvic Therapy® has an integral approach to the above-mentioned problems, which makes it possible to work in a more solution-oriented way.

Women report an enlarged feeling in the pelvis after one session, decrease of symptoms, are more in contact with their body and are better able to set their boundaries. Many women experience more pleasure from their sexuality and are even capable of experiencing other forms of orgasms.

Who is IPT® suitable for?

Any woman who wants to know more about her body and / or her sexuality benefits from Integral Pelvic Therapy®.

But also for Women with: – Pain during sex – Heavy menstrual pain – Uterine / bladder prolapse – Unintended urine loss – Chronic inflammation of the vulva – Trauma around sexual abuse – Traumatic delivery – No desire for sex – Fertility problems – Painful / numb scar tissue after delivery or caesarean section – Unexplained (lower) back pain or tailbone




IPT® is also very suitable as preparation for delivery. Approximately 50 pregnant women have received treatment during pregnancy. These women all gave birth smoothly and spontaneously, did not need pain relief and there was no rupture and/ or need for episiotomy. This is all based on experience, no scientific research has been conducted (yet). In addition, Daphne has been able to apply it during many births during labor. IPT® proved to be very effective, particularly in the case of non-progressive dilation, extrusion and / or necessity of induction.

What exactly does the program involve?

The course is a post-graduate course that lasts for 5 months. It is a mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. You finish the training with a theoretical and practical exam. After the training you are a certified IPT®- practioner.

The Integral Pelvic Therapy®- Practitioner has knowledge of: – Anatomy and physiology of the pelvis – Myofascia release – Triggerpoint massage – Vaginal mapping – Energetic work in a body – Haptonomic working in a body– General gynecological abnormalities and diseases.

The IPT®- practitioner can recognize these and refer them to the specialist if necessary. – the correct performance of a pelvic floor assembly – Recognize sexual dysfunctions and, if appropriate, treat them with IPT® – Being able to recognize and treat traumatic patterns such as sexual abuse and / or    sexual violence – Trauma work on a therapeutic basis – Recognizing / and anticipating on dissociation patterns – Knowledge and ability to apply the Wheel of Consent – Professionally taking a general anamnesis – If you are a midwife or Obstetrician: Able to apply IPT® protocollair during pregnancy.- To have knowledge of contraindications during pregnancy. – To have medical and psycho-basic knowledge at HBO level – To be able to reflect professionally on their own actions

Hands- on Training

During the training you’ll get supervised practise on each other. Further, you’ll be offering at least 8 practise sessions on friends and/ or potential clients between training days. You can request a limited amount of € 100 per client for the 8 exercise treatments you give to exercise clients.

Main language

Predominantly English. If you’re Dutch, do not worry if you can follow the course if your English is not so good. We will translate everything in case of lack of clarity.

Who will give the training

Daphne van der Putten

Daphne has worked for years as a medical midwife in an academic center. From that work she developed Integral Pelvic Therapy®, as a response to many medical complications. She now works completely as a bodyworker in her practice; “Birth and Bodywork”.

Mariette Frits

Mariette has a background as a teacher and is also a very experienced body worker as Body stress release therapist. Mariëtte has brought the body stress release to the Netherlands, a form of bodywork which is now very common and reimbursed by health insurance. Mariëtte is also a women coach and VLOW therapist.



13-14-5-16 October

5-6 November

26-27 November

10-11 December

14-15 January 2019

9-10-11-12 February 2019


Four days training from 10.00 – 22.00 hrs (Oktober and February)

Two days training from 10.00 – 22.00 hrs (November, December, January)

Except for the closing days: ending at 17hrs.

There is possibility to stay overnight (in the neighborhood).


Esoterra: P.C. Staalweg 50, 3721 TJ Bilthoven


This training is an accredited post-graduate course and not a workshop. That is why the training will cost at least 5500€ from next year, excluding VAT.

BUT … as we start now with a test round, we offer this training for € 2500, excluding VAT.

After you have been registered as an IPT®- practitioner, you will earn back training costs very quickly. There is great demand for this form of therapy. In addition, you may ask (limited) money for training clients in the course so that you earn back part of the amount.

Requirements to participate?

– Medical and psycho-social basic knowledge

– Affinity with women’s work

– Being a woman yourself

– Especially suitable for doctors, midwives and body workers

– HBO work- and thinking level

We must feel that this work suits you as a person. Everyone can learn a technique, but not everyone is a born therapist.



If you are interested and would like to register, we would like to receive the following information:

Full name and address

If applicable: company data

Motivation letter why you would like to do this work.


27th august 2018: there are 3 spots left for this training.