External trigger point massage

Everybody has, noticed or unnoticed, blockages  stored in their bodies (for example; tensed shoulders during stress).

Via external trigger point and/ or fasciae massage, I open up the body to release blockages in your body. These blocked channels are often caused  by traumatic events occurred in the past. This can happen during early childhood or a trauma like a car accident you witnessed.

Although the mind can understand everything that has happened, the body remembers and reacts on a different kind of way, without much logic. Often the body reacts on old triggers as if it is in severe danger, while the mind tries to understand what is going on. If the blockages remain in the body it can cause physical dysfunctioning, pain and/ or negative outlook in life.

The more I work with bodywork, the more I am convinced regular cognitive therapy can be useful, but is often not the key to resolve these issues. Through bodywork old trauma’s can be resolved on a cellulair level with as result more balance in your body. With a body free from stress and trauma, your potential will grow by confidence, you will feel more happiness and overall more in balans.

Session   2 hours 220€ – 3 hours 320€

This massage is a deep tissue massage. Via various techniques the most important triggerpoints will be adressed to release pain with as result a soft and open body. I work from the skin untill deep in your body by pushing, pulling and sometimes shaking your body.

I try to feel into your body, to feel whatever it needs in that moment. Sometimes it needs ferm touch, but sometimes your body needs a more soft approuch. Therefore, every session is different from another one.