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Bodywork (also possible during pregnancy)

We prefer to work in a traject with people, because often, we experience that one session is not enough. Therefore, we give you some reduction (-10%) of the total price, if you pay in advance.

  Daphne Martine
Intake 110€ 85€
Price per hour 150€ 90€
External massage 2 hours 300€
Integral Pelvic Therapy® 2 hours 300€ 180€
Traject two treatments 550€ 324€
Traject three treatments 810€ 486€
Traject six treatments 1530€ 972€


We consciously keep the practice small-scale, so we can devote time and attention to you as a client. This makes individual tuning possible and therefore customized care is guaranteed. Health insurers pay a standard reimbursement for care during pregnancy and delivery. This reimbursement is not in proportion to the time we spend counseling during your pregnancy and delivery. That is why we ask for a personal contribution.

On average you come around 10 to 12 times in your pregnancy.

The average of visits in the childbed is three times.

The course of the birth does not determine the rate.

Intake pregnancy 95€
Personal contribution whole pregnancy, birth and childbed 1250€
Personal contribution late entry pregnancy 1050€
Allowance per kilometer 0,48€ per km
Guidance as a doula in a hospital setting 750€
Private Pregnancy course 250€ two sessions/ 375€ three sessions

Some insurance companies will cover (a part of) the costs. We advise you obtain information by your insurance company. If not, and the finances are a problem, please let us know. We are more then willing to look for a solution together!