Pregnancy courses


While I’m at work as a midwife, every time I notice a big difference when a couple did some preparation in giving birth. A lot of women feel fear towards their delivery and have no clue what to do with that fear. It prevents them from feeling safe and surrender to whatever there is at the moment. Their partners often feel useless and powerless to help their wife. Both men and women can feel paralysed, not knowing what to do or how to react. No wonder when you feel like that a lot of women nowadays need (and ask for) medical interference to give birth!

With a down to earth and humoristic approach, I will provide you and your partner with theoretical and practical knowledge in the process of giving birth. This will help you to get confidence since you both know what to expect. Further, through exercises and homework adapted to your situation and relationship, I give you both a lot of tools to practice how to cope with contractions and labour pain.

In my opinion, giving birth is the ultimate practice for a women to completely surrender, opening up her body and be guided by her partner. Therefore, every course I give is completely different, because every relationship is different in needs and challenges.

Content private pregnancy course 4- 5 hours 249€

This course is a private course so there is a lot of time for personal questions. There are 2 moments of contact, every time 2- 2,5 hours per lesson. We discuss a lot, from the end of the pregnancy until the actual moment of birth.

The course is a mixture of theoretical knowledge and exercises combined with bodywork/  massage techniques and hypnobirthing techniques. Also I guide you through the course by giving you homework assignments. We try different positions for release of labour pain and I teach you how to flow with the contractions, instead of fighting them.

Partners get a lot of tools and after this course you will feel confidence and you will be able to guide your wife through labour. For this, it is essential you both attend the course!

Because of the fact I also work as a medical midwife it is very well possible to attend the course when you are pregnant in a more medical situation f.e twins or breech birth.

Pregnant for the 2nd or 3th time

Off course it is possible to attend the course if it is not your first pregnancy. In my experience it can be very useful to talk about the first birth and see what went well and what you might want different. There will also be some theory repeated and we will practice exercises to cope with labour.