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 Integral Pelvic Therapy Education

This training is particularly suitable for bodyworkers, doctors and obstetricians. After completing the training you can join the professional association Integral Pelvic Therapy Association (IPTA) which will give you a platform to exchange knowledge and join intervision and/ or training groups specially for Integral Pelvic Therapy Practitioners.

What exactly does the program involve?

The course is a post-graduate course that lasts for 6 months. It is a mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. You will finish the training with a theoretical, practical and oral exam. You also write a thesis that you present at the end of the training.

After the training you are a certified IPT® practitioner. You can join the professional association: Integral Pelvic Therapy Association and with that a quality and dispute register recommended by us. This means you can carry out this work in a legal and responsible way.

During the period of the training you will go through a process of your own, where you learn to examine your own pelvis and you’ll be practising on fellow participants. You will gain insight into your own limitations, blockades and triggers. This requires an extremely flexible attitude and willingness to look at your own patterns. You will be guided by Mariëtte and Daphne, assisted by a team of already graduated Integral Pelvic Therapy practitioners.

The training is ideal for bodyworkers, doctors, obstetricians or other birth assistants.


Sunday 15, Monday 16 Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 September 2019: this is block 1 and 2

Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 October 2019: this is block 3

Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 November 2019: this is block 4

Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 December 2019: this is block 5

Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 January 2020: this is block 6

Saturday 8, Sunday 9, Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 February 2020: this is block 7 and 8

Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 March 2020: this is block 9 (exam days)


The investment for this accredited post-graduate course is € 4800 if you pay the entire amount in advance. Our training is excluded from VAT because Integral Pelvic Therapy education has been registered with the Centraal Register Korte Beroepsopleidingen (CRKBO).

It is possible to pay in installments, however, in that case € 250 will be added to the whole ammount. The scheme is then as following:

Before 1 August 2019 deposit € 1800

October 2019 1st term € 811.25

November 2019 2nd term € 811.25

December 2019 3rd term € 811.25

January 2020 4th installment € 811.25

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