Integral Pelvic Therapy® + Pregnancy

A lot of women find problems that vary from numbness/pain during intercourse or the feeling of no contact with their pelvis. Or medical problems, like unhealed scar tissues, uterine leakage or uterine prolaps, due to childbirth.

Further, most women hold tension in their pelvic bowl. The cause of these tension patterns could be negative sexual experiences, traumatic births, childhood issues, relationship matters etc. Often emotions are not expressed and therefore stored in the body.

All these problems can cause restriction of the fascia and triggerpoints in the muscle tissue. By allignment of the fascia and gentle internal trigger point massage the tissue gets soft so relaxation occurs, emotions can run free in the body and the tension, numbness or pain dissolves. The pelvic floor and vagina are back in their natural state where I believe, it is supposed to be.

I notice women with a soft and open pelvic floor who are in full contact with that area have a big advantage in giving birth. Dilation seems to occur more easily and sometimes, even pleasure can be experienced. Women feel empowered and have a lot more confidence to get into labour. From my experience, they are less likely to be induced, need stitches or pain medication.

Integral Pelvic Therapy® teaches women how to surrender in the contractions, instead of fighting them. Their perception of birth is often far more positive than women would have thought beforehand.

Preferable your partner will attend the session as well. With a down to earth approach, I will guide him how to hold space for you when giving birth and how to be fully present during labour.

Intake: 60 minutes 110€ (also possible by skype)

During the intake your pregnancy, questions or difficulties you might experience will be discussed. It is very important to be open and honest during the intake so I can work with consideration. All information you give, is strictly confidential.

I prefer to read some info from your gynaecologist or midwife beforehand, to filter out contraindications for internal pelvic work while you are pregnant.

The session 2-2,5 hours 300€

Before the session takes place I will ask you to sign an informed consent. By signing this form you agree that you are well informed about the session.

After that, I feel at your belly and check the uterus for growth and position of the baby. We make contact with the baby by placing your, and your partners hands on your belly and breathing excersizes. I always listen to the heartbeat of the baby, before, during and after the session. Also, I measure your blood pressure before the session begins. During the session I keep feeling at your belly to feel the movements of the baby and check for possible contractions.

First, I give you a short massage to feel and open your body and to learn how your body reacts on touch. Together we try to find out where your limits are and your ability to express your boundaries. If we both feel you are ready, I gently massage your pelvic floor, the walls of the vagina and your cervix. I feel for hard and/ or painful spots and tensed tissue. By releasing these spots of armour often emotions come up. You can feel sadness, anger or other emotions. Therefore I advise to be very gentle with yourself the day of the session and if possible, also a few days after. From my experience, babies in utero react on their mothers emotions, with a calm heartrate and soft movements.

A session is possible after 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that period you can receive sessions during the whole pregnancy, although de-armouring of the cervix is done only after 37 weeks. In my experience, two sessions during the pregnancy is the most effective.