Integral Pelvic Therapy®

Your pelvic bowl

Most women are not aware of hidden problems in their pelvic area. Women have the tendency to accept pain during intercourse, not feeling anything at all or a lack of sexual energy as normal.

Too strong or too weak

For some women, the muscles in their pelvic floor are hypertonic (too tight) which causes problems like chronic pelvic pain, numbness or pain during intercourse or vaginismus. Also unexplained chronic lower back/ hip pain or constipation problems could be due to a hypertonic pelvic floor.

Other women have a hypotonic pelvic floor (too weak) that can contribute to problems like stress incontinence or organ prolaps.

Most women however, have a combination of both…

We try to live our life around those problems. But, what if I say you can live free from discomfort, in contact with your feminine body, fully aware of your sexual potential?


The fascia is connected to the muscles in the pelvic area. It is an interwoven system of fibrous connective tissue, and found throughout the whole body. Your fascia provides a framework that helps support and protect the entire body as a unit. In the normal healthy state, the fascia is relaxed and wavy in configuration. It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. But the fascia can become tight or restricted, due to a certain form of trauma, such as a difficult childbirth, surgery or just habitual poor body posture, or repetitive stress.

When the fascia is restricted, it will pull on the muscles and cause triggerpoints in the muscle tissue. It can also cause problems like painful cramps during menstruation or orgasms that are experienced as being painful.

Besides all those medical issues, your body has a memory;

“Your body is your subconsious mind”

We all have painful memories like failure, disappointments, suffering or loss, hidden away or suppressed in our bodies. Women often hold pain and grieve like sexual harassment, difficulty in setting bounderies, relationship matters or childhood issues in their pelvic area. Dr. Candace Pert, a neuropharmacologist, discovered that our glands, organs and tissues and cells are storage places for emotion an memory. She claims: “Your body is your subconsious mind”.


By internal massage restrictions of the fascia will be found. These restrictions lead to musculair triggerpoints. Through alignment of the fascia and gentle internal trigger point massage the tissue gets soft. Stored emotions can now run free in the body while being expressed and at the same time, the tissue gets soft and aligned.

The pelvic floor and vagina are back in their natural state where I believe, it is supposed to be. Because of a higher awareness of that area women finally have the ability to strengten, but also to relax the muscles in their pelvic bowl. This is the key to prevent problems due to a tight and/ or weak pelvic floor, as mentioned above. There is no numbness or pain left in that area, women report to feel liberated and free. A sence of “coming home”.

The more we work with bodywork, the more we are convinced regular cognitive therapy can be useful, but is often not the key to incorporate influences from the past. Through bodywork old trauma’s can be resolved on a cellulair level with as result a more free and flowing life.

Personally, after receiving a lot of internal pelvic sessions, we all had the same experience. We felt more in contact with our bodies and felt more grounded. A lot of the sensitivity came back which lead to more pleasure during sex. Some of us even had the ability to experience different types of orgasms! This is such a gift, in our opinion every women deserves to experience something like this.


The intake conversation takes place seperate from the real treatment. During this intake, we discuss previous experiences, questions and difficulties you might experience. It is very important to be open and honest during the intake so we can work with consideration. All information you give us is strictly confidential. After this intake we both decide if you would benefit from Integral Pelvic Therapy.

The treatment itself, takes two hours. Before we start the actual IPT treatment we do some excersizes to explore how your body reacts on  touch. Together we try to find out where your limits are and your ability to express your boundaries. After this we gently massage your pelvic floor, the walls of the vagina and your cervix. We feel for restrictions in the fascia and for hard or painful spots which are triggerpoint in the muscle-tissue.

As explained above, during internal work, emotions can come up. You can feel sadness, anger or other emotions. By acknowledging these emotions, they are expressed. In being expressed, emotions can be released. Some women feel tired or their emotions come to the surface more easily after the session, others feel energized or sensations of joy and pleasure. Eitherway, we advise to be very gentle with yourself the day of the session and if possible, also a few days after.

To help your pelvic bowl get back in balance, we sometimes work with visualisation techniques while providing internal work, based on the teachings of Tami Lynn Kent.

We ask you to sign an informed consent. By signing this form you agree that you are well informed about the session.

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